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*Opening late 2024*

Dog Park + Bar Hours:
Monday - Thursday        10am-9pm
Friday-Saturday              10am-10pm
Sunday                                12pm-9pm

Day Care Hours:
Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm


Welcome to Crate Escapes! The first step to getting your dog eligible to visit our bar & park and use our dog daycare services is by downloading the Crate Escapes app. After you download the app, you should create an account and complete your dog’s profile. The app will prompt you through the registration process. Be sure to have your vet records handy! After your pup’s profile is completed, you’ll be able to schedule a compatibility session for your dog to use our daycare services.

No pup? No problem!  Admission for humans is free, just fill out our online waiver.



(Coming SOON!)

Before you visit, download the Crate Escpaes app on your mobile device.



Make your profile and register your pup to determine their eligibility for our dog bar & park.



Prior to your visit, check in to the bar & park on the app, and if your dog is joining you, purchase a pass 

Dog Entry Requirements

What to know

  • All dogs must be up-to-date on DHLPP/Da2PP, Bordetella, and Rabies

  • Your dog must be properly socialized with other dogs AND humans and display proper behavoir

  • Only dogs 12 weeks and older, please!

  • Wear an ID tag at all times 

  • Must not be in heat; dogs over 1 year old must be spayed/neutered

  • No prong colors, shock colors, treats, or toys

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Pitbull Portrait


Got a dirty dog? Bring your mess to us!  We have 3 large bathing tubs for your dog to clean up.  Members receive free bathing access for free, and non-members are just $10 per dog.


How does membership work? Dogs who live at the same residence can be on the same membership. You can have up to 4 dogs from the same household on a membership. Depending on which plan is right for you, Membership gives you free access to the Bar & Park, Pet Care upgrades and add-ons, or both! Even with a membership, all dogs must be registered in the Crate Escapes app to play at Crate Escapes. To register your dog, you’ll need to create an account and fill out your pet’s profile in the Crate Escapes app. Unverified dogs will not be allowed at Crate Escapes – please make sure you register your dog and complete their profile in the app before you arrive.

If I'm not a member, can I still visit Crate Escapes? Humans can visit anytime without a membership or pass and will just need to fill out a waiver via our app or upon arrival. If you want to bring your dog and don’t have a membership, you can purchase a Day Pass for $10 per dog on weekdays and $15 per dog on weekends, or a Month Pass for $35/dog. To play at Crate Escapes, all dogs must be registered in the Crate Escapes app. To register your dog, you’ll need to create an account and fill out your pet’s profile in the Crate Escapes app. Unregistered dogs will not be allowed at Crate Escapes – make sure you download the Crate Escapes app and complete your pet’s profile before you arrive at Crate Escapes.

I don't have a dog, can I still visit? Yes! We do not require a day pass to he purchased for solo humans without a dog, but will still need to create an account in the Crate Escapes app in order to visit our bar & park and you may even head home with a new best friend. Crate Escapes will host monthly adoption days in partnership with local rescues.

My dog is small - do you have an area for small dogs? We have a small dog park made ONLY for dogs under 25lbs, equipped with it's own TV, equipment, and outdoor area.  If your dog is over 6 months and comfortable with large dogs, they are welcome to play in either space.  We ask that puppies who are under 6 months and under 25 lbs remain in the small dog play area for their safety, as they develop the social skills to remain safe with the larger adult dogs.

Can kids come to Crate Escapes? Yes! We are a family-friendly location and love having kids visit.  To ensure the safety of both kids and dogs, we have a few policies to know before you visit: -Children of all ages are always welcome in the restaurant and our on-leash areas. -All guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult in the off-leash park -Children under 12 must be in the IMMEDIATE PHYSICAL PRESENCE of a parent or guardian. -Everyone under 18 must register via our app, watch our safety video, and take a quiz before entering the off-leash park. -Children who have not begun elementary school are not permitted in the off-leash park

Do you offer doggy daycare? Can I leave my dog with you and come back later? We are happy to offer on-site daycare.  Reservations are required before leaving your dog with us, and immediate last-minute drop-off is subject to availability.  Please click on our "Day Care" tab for details!

Why can't I use a prong or shock collar for my dog? What about treats and toys? We want to ensure that Crate Escapes is a is a fun, stress-free environment for your dog, and sometimes training collars, treats, and toys can create tension for dogs or their doggy friends.  Food-aggressions, disassociated aggression, and possesiveness can all lead to fights and bites.  To ensure everyone's safety, we ask that you please use these tools at home.

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